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Formal presentation by one or more experts in which the attendees are encouraged to discuss the subject matter.

Use 'seminar' in a Sentence

The CEO of Apple attended a Tony Robbins seminar to learn about decision making skills with other top company leaders.
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Brian and I went to the sales seminar, and it was worth it, because there were some great speakers and we learned some new techniques.
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Tomorrow was a big day because we would be attending an important business seminar that would either make our careers, or break them.
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9 Ways to Develop Consistant Revenue Streams (4 of 9)
"4. Teaching - Offer basic training courses or seminars for those who want to learn more. You can opt to charge a minimal amount for attendance to make an extra few hundred dollars every month. This also is a great way to get new client leads, people attending are likely to pick you over anyone else to help them with their project. You could also offer individual training for an increased fee. This again improves revenue and builds a contact base of people likely to recommend you when a "big project" that is over their head comes along."
- GoldBusinessTips

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