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1.Law: (1) Conclusion of an agreement under which a party (called the obligor) fulfills its promise to another party (called the obligee). (2) Conveyance of a property (or the settlor's interest in it) to provide for the trust's one or more beneficiaries. (3) Winding up and final distribution of a deceased's estate.
2.Selling: Conclusion of a transaction where what was bought is delivered to the buyer, and payment for which is made to the seller.
3.Real estate: Conveyance of a property to its purchaser and (in case of a mortgage) recording of the lender's lien.
4.Negotiations: Agreement reached between two or more contending parties.
5.Securities: Delivery of a security by a seller to a buyer on or before the settlement date (typically, 3 business days after the trading date).

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