short selling

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Profiting from an anticipated drop in the price of a commodity, financial instrument, or security by (1) borrowing and selling it now, or by (2) selling a firm promise (futures contract) to deliver it on a later date at the current (or a specified) price. In either case, the seller counts on buying the item at a cheaper price to return (with a fee) or deliver it. A short seller is a 'bear.' Also called selling short.

Use 'short selling' in a Sentence

I felt like the pitcher was short selling his team by complaining to the media all the time and having a bad attitude.
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If you can tell that a stock is about to fall you may want to try short selling as long as it isn't insider info you are using.
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The price of coffee is expected to go down next quarter, creating a lot of buzz among investors about short selling Starbucks and Folgers.
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