short term

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A time frame for investing in which an asset is held for one to three years. The measure of a "long term" time frame can vary depending on the asset held or the investment objective. For tax purposes, assets held for less than a year and sold for a gain are subject to a higher tax than that of the long-term capital gains rate. In business accounting measures, short term is a period of time of less than 12 months.

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You should try to not get caught up in the short term but instead keep your mind on the long term goals of your company.
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When finding ways to bridge a budget gap James argued that cutting salaries was a short term solution because, while it would save money, the company would eventually lose its most talented workers and the cost to replace them would be much higher.
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His value will triple in less than a year if he liquidates on some of his short term investment deeds.
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