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Author or commentator's mark, printed usually italicized, and enclosed correctly in brackets (not in parenthesis) to indicate that the previous word (in spite of the obvious absurdity, anomaly, or error) is exactly how it is intended or was originally said or written, and is not a misprint or misquote. Latin for, 'so' or 'thus'.

Use 'sic' in a Sentence

The cynical journalist chuckles as he writes "sic" marks all over the Governor's manuscript which was plagued with grammatical and spelling errors.
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I was reviewing some legal documents at work and I came across what I thought was an error or typo. In brackets next to the grammatical errors I saw the word sic. I then realized that the errors were there for a reason and learned the definition of sic.
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After being a lawyer for 10 years, Steve still did not know what sic meant when it appeared in a paragraph.
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