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1. General: Personal name written in one's hand, with the intention of accepting, authenticating, and/or executing a document. In some instances, a mark, seal, stamp, or symbol may also be considered a signature.
2. Advertising: (1) Name of the advertiser as it appears (usually) in the bottom part of an ad, (2) Song or music piece associated with a commercial or radio or television program. Also called theme song.
3. Emails: Lines of text that identify the sender.
4. Printing: Sheet of printed paper that is folded one or more times to become a single unit of several pages in multiples of 4, such as an 8-page, 12-page, 16-page signature.
Signatures are collected in their proper sequence (called 'gathering'), bound or sewn, and trimmed to produce the finished publication. Its name comes from the old practice of placing a mark on the first (top) page to guide the gatherer.

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A one and a half million signature petition against its proposed closure has been collected in order to bring back the rights to many citizens around the country.
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The signature on the document was clearly legible and was presented to the courts exactly as we received it which worked out great.
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The assistant sometimes had to wait around for several hours until the moment was right to get her boss's signature on an important document.
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