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1. The illegal practice of taking money from cash receipts for personal use. "Skimming" refers to removing the top layer of a liquid. Because a person skimming is not reporting the cash as income it is not reported for taxation purposes, thus making skimming a form of tax evasion.
2. A type of fraud in which the numbers on a credit card are recorded and then transferred to a duplicate card. This is done without the knowledge of the original credit card holder.
3. See skimming price.

Use 'skimming' in a Sentence

If you catch someone at your company skimming you must let them go immediately and send a message to the rest of the staff.
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My dad could not come in and watch us play our new game because he was busy skimming the pool outside.
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The skimming occurred on Monday night at approximately ten thirty P.M. and we had it on camera as evidence in our case.
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