social audit

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The process of evaluating a firm's various operating procedures, code of conduct, and other factors to determine its effect on a society. The goal is to identify what, if any, actions of the firm have impacted the society in some way. A social audit may be initiated by a firm that is seeking to improve its cohesiveness or improve its image within the society. If the results are positive, they may be released to the public. For example, if a factory is believed to have a negative impact, the company may have a social audit conducted to identify actions that actually benefit the society.

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The were nervous because their company was undergoing a social audit and they felt they were being judged in all aspects.
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You need to do your best any time there will be a social audit so that you do not get a bad reputation in the community.
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After their factory was shown to have been involved in child labor, the clothing company decided to clean up their image by releasing the results of a social audit that showed their positive impact on society.
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