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Life-supporting upper surface of earth that is the basis of all agriculture. It contains minerals and gravel from the chemical and physical weathering of rocks, decaying organic matter (humus), microorganism, insects, nutrients, water, and air. Soils differ according to the climate, geological structure, and rainfall of the area and are constantly being formed and removed by natural, animal, and human activity. Study of soils is called pedology.

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I received some seeds to a rare flower as a gift. Although I used high quality soil to plant them my flowers kept dying. It seemed odd to me because I provided the right environment and kept away intact a yet these flowers would die as soon as they budded. I found out later the quality of soil had nothing to do with the growth it was the climate that the soil was suited for was not the same as the flowers. Once I got some imported soil my garden flourished.
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Farmers throughout the world work with the soil to raise crops for their own use and to sell to others, usually for profit.
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An excellent way to supply sufficient nutrients to keep soil healthy is adding composted organic materials on a regular basis.
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