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1. Place from where things originate. For example, the source of an accounting error may be a computer glitch.
2. A specific publication or other type of media where specific information was obtained. These are usually included in footnotes, endnotes, or a bibliography, and can be people. For example, a news publisher may have exclusive information from a person or source working in a company.

Use 'source' in a Sentence

According to an anonymous source, there was a conspiracy to frame an innocent man for the crime of treason against the country.
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The source of the rumor was eventually traced back to Amanda, who had started the rumor that Ben had fake teeth to get back at him for breaking up with her.
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When a journalist is reporting on a story it is important that she has reliable sources to know that her information is correct.
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Notable Quotable

Having Backup Sources
"It's always beneficial to have a second source, or at least a second potential source, for any products or services you need to run your business. Without it, you become too reliant on the single source and this can hurt you in several ways: if the source's business changes that affects you in ways you might not want; if the source knows you don't have a second source that weakens your ability to negotiate favorable terms; etc."
- Tom Murcko

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