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1. Individual or entity who organizes and is committed to the development of a product, program, or project.
2. Advertiser who pays (in part or in full) the cost of broadcasting a radio or television program, by running commercials during the program's broadcast.
3. Donor firm that underwrites a part or whole of the expense of staging a public event through contributions in cash or kind, and is allowed to display advertising banners or to otherwise promote itself or its products during the sponsored event.
4. General partner who organizes and promotes a general partnership or limited partnership.

Use 'sponsor' in a Sentence

If you can't come up with all the money you need for a new venture you can look for a sponsor that can help you get the rest.
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The baseball team has a new sponsor this year, and they seem so much more involved and enthusiastic than the old sponsor.
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In my Alcoholics Anonymous class, I would require a sponsor that would make sure I stayed true to the program and didn't give up.
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