startup costs

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Non-recurring costs associated with setting up a business, such as accountant's fees, legal fees, registration charges, as well as advertising, promotional activities, and employee training. Also called startup expenses, preliminary expenses, or pre-opening expenses.

Notable Quotable

Spend Little as a New Business
"I can't emphasize how important it is for a startup to be cheap. Most startups fail before they make something people want, and the most common form of failure is running out of money. So being cheap is (almost) interchangeable with iterating rapidly. But it's more than that. A culture of cheapness keeps companies young in something like the way exercise keeps people young."
- Paul Graham
5 Criteria for a Profitable Online Business (3 of 5)
"Low Startup and Running Costs - Many Successful stories comes from the internet business and most of them required hundreds and thousands of dollars to setup but there is a group of super profitable business which you can setup with less than $1000 and you can have it run in your home, so when we have less money on home, it forces our human mind to think and be creative and more careful with what we spend, these are very important elements to running a successful business"
- Unknown

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