Early stage in the life cycle of an enterprise where the entrepreneur moves from the idea stage to securing financing, laying down the basis structure of the business, and initiating operations or trading.

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  • You may want to make a small investment in a startup if you believe that it has a chance to hit it really big

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  • I was really excited with our startup because we had a lot of motivation and dedication that would take us to the top.

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  • You may want to make a small investment in a startup if you believe that it has a chance to hit it really big

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Notable Quotes

  • Don't Launch a Startup Right Out of School
    "Often, it makes sense to work for a professional organization (the bigger the company the better) before launching your own business. Doing so will allow you to see first-hand how mature, professional, successful companies handle their affairs - i.e. how do they evaluate employees, how do they analyze their business, how do they set a strategic vision etc. You will learn a number of small details too. Obviously, you don't want to replicate everything you see when you launch your business but there will be a fair amount of things that you do want to take with you."
    - Varun Gulati
  • Making People Happy with Your Business
    "One of the things I always tell startups is a principle I learned from Paul Buchheit: it's better to make a few people really happy than to make a lot of people semi-happy. I was saying recently to a reporter that if I could only tell startups 10 things, this would be one of them."
    - Paul Graham
  • Don't Get Demoralized with New Startups
    "Though the immediate cause of death in a startup tends to be running out of money, the underlying cause is usually lack of focus. Either the company is run by stupid people (which can't be fixed with advice) or the people are smart but got demoralized. Starting a startup is a huge moral weight. Understand this and make a conscious effort not to be ground down by it, just as you'd be careful to bend at the knees when picking up a heavy box."
    - Paul Graham

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