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1. Law: (Written often with an uppercase or capital letter 'S') entity that prosecutes persons accused of criminal wrong-doing as the representative of the people of a state.
2. Politics: (Written usually with a lowercase or common letter 's') Geographical area within defined territorial boundaries and with a distinct set of political institutions, ruled by a government through laws conformance to which is imposed by force (if necessary) in the common interest. Whereas the term 'state' emphasizes a self-governing legal and political entity, 'nation' emphasizes a particular community of people with shared culture and history, and 'country' the physical dimensions and boundaries of a geographical area.

Use 'state' in a Sentence

The state of this man was horrible. He had been surviving without food for many weeks, and barely made it back to civilization.
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The vagrant had committed a crime but had no money for representation, so a lawyer was provided by the state for his defense.
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Steve always enjoyed the challenge of doing his taxes, but he could never find the proper paperwork for his state taxes.
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