statute of limitations

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Legislation that sets a timeframe (limitations period) within which affected parties must take action to enforce their rights or to seek redress after a damage or injury. This period varies according to the nature of the case. Its objective is to encourage diligent prosecution of certain offenses while evidence is available and fresh, and thus ensure finality and predictability in litigation. It is generally not applicable to cases involving fraud and murder. Also called limitation of liability act. See also laches and occurrence rule.

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After the statute of limitations expired, the charming jewel thief wrote a book about his crimes, knowing that he could not be charged.
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So much time had passed that the statute of limitations saved our companies livelihood as the copyright was no longer valid on the original.
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I went to a lawyer to find out if there was a statute of limitations regarding me filing a lawsuit against the other driver in my car accident because he was my neighbor and I wanted time to make sure I was sure of my decision.
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