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1. General: (1) Erroneous, relatively fixed, simplistic, and mostly negative generalization (based commonly on bigotry, ignorance, and prejudice) held to be true about certain individuals or groups. (2) Lacking individuality or originality, stale.
2. Printing: Metal printing plate cast from a paper matrix for use on letter presses. Stereotype is Greek for, solid; hence, fixed or unchangeable.

Use 'stereotype' in a Sentence

Shawn was disappointed with his classmates and their attitude towards him, as they believed he would not be a good academic partner due to stereotypes about his race.
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The young man with long hair returning home from a vacation in Jamaica felt as if the customs officer's decision to search his luggage was based on little more than a stereotype.
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Getting to know Rosa Garcia, who was the new CEO, eventually destroyed the stereotype Roger had long held about Latina women.
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