stock split

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Division of already issued (outstanding) shares of a firm into a larger number of shares, to make them more affordable and thus improve their marketability while maintaining the current stockholders' proportional ownership of the firm. The aggregate value of the shares remains the same as before the split, but the price (and dividend) per share declines with the split ratio. For example, if the shares are split by a multiple of two (2:1 split), a share with a par value of $10 becomes two shares, each with a par value of $5.

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ACME Company's innovative new product bulldozed into the market with unstoppable fury. The original initial stock offering of 1000 was undeniably insufficient for the demand; ACME exercised a 4:1 stock split, quadrupling the number of shares available, while keeping the existing stock holders happy.
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Sometimes a firm will decide it is best to undergo a stock split to make it easier for the average investor to afford a piece.
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If you think you aren't selling enough shares of your company you can try for a stock split to make the price more affordable.
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