strict liability

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1. Civil (tort): Liability incurred for causing damage to life, limb, or property by a hazardous activity or a defective product, without having to prove that the defendant was negligent or directly at fault. It arises not from any wrongdoing but from the fact of the activity or product being inherently hazardous or defective.
2. Criminal: Liability imposed by a statute without the necessity of proving criminal intent (see mens rea), and intended to absolutely forbid certain acts such as preparation and sale of adulterated or contaminated food. Also called absolute liability or liability without fault.

Use 'strict liability' in a Sentence

I realized that this was a strict liability case which changed the whole dynamics of the process we were about to undergo.
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The stockbroker was slippery but even he couldn't avoid responsibility for the latest scandal because the district attorney considered his case one of strict liability.
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When a company has strict liability they can be facing major sanctions if something goes wrong that was their fault.
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