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Collective, organized, cessation or slowdown of work by employees, to force acceptance of their demands by the employer. In most jurisdictions require that to be legal (1) a strike must be approved by the majority of the employees in a secret ballot, (2) the ballot must be subject to independent verification if the number of employees exceeds a certain number (commonly 50), (3) a notice of the impending strike ballot must be given to the employer a certain number of days in advance (commonly seven), (4) the employer must be provided with the results of the ballot and, thereafter, (5) a notice of the union's intention to proceed with the strike must be given to the employer a certain number of days in advance (commonly seven).
Also called strike action or industrial action. See also lockout.

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Because of the writer's strike no new scripts could be produced for the excellent show Pushing Daisies and so the show was cancelled by the network.
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Sometimes when workers aren't happy they will go on strike causing the company to have to seriously consider their demands.
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We are not being paid legal wages. We must stop working and go out in front of the site to strike for them to hear our needs.
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