subject to

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1. Being dependent or conditional upon something, as in subject to shareholder approval.
2. Being under the dominion or authority, as of a sovereign, authority, or government, as in subject to the boss's whims.
3. Open or exposed to some unfortunate or undesirable thing, as in subject to criticism.
4. Under the necessity of undergoing something, as in subject to death.
5. Liable prone to suffer something, as in subject to migraines.

Use 'subject to' in a Sentence

He was subject to a lot of gross mistreatment by the people in the prison and it really hurt him deep down.
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Businesses that do not promote sensitivity and diversity training for employees are often subject to frequent harassment claims and lawsuits.
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If you find yourself in the position of being subject to you must make sure you can always get whatever it is that you need.
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