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1. An agreement to purchase a certain amount of securities, such as stocks.
2. The right to receive issues of a magazine or periodical in exchange for money. For example, a consumer might pay an annual fee to receive issues of a business magazine.
3. A pledge to provide funds to a particular organization or charity.

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The subscription entailed dividend payments for us so we were expecting those receipts of money as important cash inflows into our business.
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For only ten dollars a month, you can sign up for our video streaming subscription. Our service is unmatched. You will not find a better deal!
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If you can get people to sign up for a subscription you will have lots of passive income always coming in.
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9 Ways to Develop Consistant Revenue Streams (1 of 9)
"1. Monthly Services - Many freelance or service based companies have opportunities to offer monthly services/subscriptions yet completely pass them up! The trick with most subscription based revenue streams is to make them affordable for companies, and quick/easy on your end. You donít want them to interfere with more lucrative projects, only increase the bottom line and help the slow months. The more clients you get to join aboard the more income you can count on every month. If you can automate these subscriptions or freelance them out you can get income every month by barely lifting a finger."
- GoldBusinessTips

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