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1.Marketing: A detailed study of a market or geographical area to gather data on attitudes, impressions, opinions, satisfaction level, etc., by polling a section of the population.
2.Real estate: A map or plat drawn by a licensed-surveyor after measuring a piece of land, to show its area, boundaries, contours, elevations, improvements, and its relationship to the surrounding land. A property survey confirms that a particular piece of land or building is sited in accordance to its legal description.

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  • Ted was annoyed when poll takers called during dinner time with yet another overly-long survey regarding local politics, so he started taking the phone off the hook while they were eating.

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  • The man had been using the website for quite a while and now was getting emails asking him to take a short survey about his opinion of the website.

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  • There were many ways the manager tried to figure out why morale in the company was so low, but he got the most insightful data from an anonymous employee survey.

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