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1.General: (1) Ability to corroborate or substantiate a statement. (2) Ability to maintain or support an activity or process over the long term.
2.Economics: Continued development or growth, without significant deterioration of the environment and depletion of natural resources on which human well-being depends. This definition measures income as flow of goods and services that an economy can generate indefinitely without reducing its natural productive capacity. See also sustainable development.

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  • Therese was thrilled to discover her hotel's commitment to sustainability, especially because she practiced both composting and recycling in her own home.

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  • The company proposed a new manufacturing process based on its improved sustainability over the previous process which required use of a rare mineral.

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  • I was recently at a Jason Mraz concert, and before playing a song he wrote about escaping the modern world to work in his garden, he informed the crowd that "regenerative farming is the new sustainability"

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