sweat equity

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1. Increased worth of a business (over and above the money invested) created by the unpaid mental and/or physical hard work of the founder/owner.
2. Increased value of a property (over and above its purchase price) created by the hard work of the owner/occupant in enhancing its amenities and/or looks.
3. Extra percentage of a firm's common stock (ordinary shares) allocated to the senior executives (over and above their current shareholdings) as an additional motivation for continuing hard work for the firm's success.

Use 'sweat equity' in a Sentence

The company had a lot of sweat equity in its bloodstream and we knew that this company was totally legit and worth it.
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Due to the sweat equity of the home owners, the residential property, bought as a handyman special, increased its value by 50 % in just one year.
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If you continue to always try your best to make your business better one day all of the sweat equity should pay off.
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