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Type of formal-logic argument in which only three sentences (called Propositions) are employed: (1) the major premise asserts a general relationship, (2) the minor premise asserts something about a specific case, and (3) the conclusion follows (is deduced from) the two premises. A famous example states "All men are mortal" (the major premise). "Socrates is a man" (the minor premise). "Therefore, Socrates is mortal" (the conclusion). Theory of syllogism was developed by the Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322 B.C.).

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The winner of the debate was well versed in Greek philosophy and was able to employ syllogism rather elegantly in his compelling argument in favour of vegetarianism.
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At first Steve thought his logic was watertight, but when a coworker broke it down using a syllogism, he saw the error of his ways.
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Hillary's syllogism for the upcoming election seems to be that since she is running, and no one else with a recognizable name is, she can expect your vote.
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