tender offer

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1. Bid or offer submitted in response to an invitation to bid (ITB) or request for tenders.
2. Formal, open offer by publicly traded corporation to buy back its own outstanding securities at a stated price and within a stated timeframe.
3. Formal, open offer by a private or publicly-traded corporation to the shareholders of a publicly-traded corporation to buy their shares usually at an attractive premium above the share current market price. Such tender offers are often a key element of a takeover strategy and are usually made subject to (1) the offerer (bidder) being able to acquire at least a minimum number of shares, and (2) automatic expiration of the offer after a certain maximum number of shares have been acquired.

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We made a tender offer that we thought would be hard to top because we had put a lot of energy into it.
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You may want to make a strong tender offer that you know they can't pass on so that you are assured you get what you want.
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The tender offer came as a shock as the company was issuing equity recently so we decided to investigate their motivations.
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