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1.Article or token (such as coins or banknotes) that serve as means of payment or settling a debt. See also legal tender.
2.Unconditional offer of money (to satisfy a debt) or performance (to satisfy an obligation). A tender may save the tendering party from penalty for nonpayment or nonperformance, and may not be refused without just cause by the party to whom it is made. See also tender of payment.
4.Small boat used in supplying a ship, or to ferry people to and from shore.

Use tender in a sentence

  • We can use the money at the store. They will only accept legal tender, such as cash for the produce you are purchasing.

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  • The steak at the restaurant was so tender and juicy and succulent that it made the man's mouth water at the sight of it.

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  • When people are selling a good or service they need some sort of legal tender in return to complete the sale.

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