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1. Duration of an employment or of holding a position.
2. Legal protection against summary dismissal without just cause. See also security of tenure. Not to be confused with tenor.
3. Nature of an occupant's legal estate in a tract of land (freehold or leasehold) which indicates whether the occupant is an owner or tenant. Also called tenure in land.
4. Right or opportunity to extract, harvest, or use natural resources from a tract of land.

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John is a newly-hired professor who is working hard to acquire tenure; if he achieves this coveted goal by meeting the chemistry department's requirements for teaching, service and research, then he will have guaranteed job security for the rest of his time at the university.
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Julie invited me to a small dinner party at her house to celebrate that she received tenure at the school where she had been teaching math for six years.
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The college professor knew that his tenure let him express himself freely, without fear of being fired for his radical opinions.
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