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Data input-output device, usually made up of a monitor (display), keyboard, mouse, or touch screen. It is the point at which a user is connected to and communicate with a computer or a website through a network. Three basic types of terminals are (1) Dumb terminal: has no built-in data processing capabilities and serves only to send and receive data, (2) Smart terminal: has limited data processing capabilities, and (3) Intelligent terminal: has substantial data processing capabilities due to inbuilt processor and memory.

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Before you go on your lunch break, John, I need you to take a look at the memo affixed to the table next to your terminal for the upgrade instructions.
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I suggested he use the terminal to gain root access to the server but he was hesitant to utilize a new program.
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After the upgrade, Karen was a little intimidated by her sleek new computer terminal but she familiarized herself quickly with the intuitive new system and was pleased by its speed.
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