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1. Computing: In multitasking or multithreading environments, set of code that serves as an additional linkage structure in a program. Threads allow different portions of a program to operate independently of each other instead of in a fixed sequence and (on multiprocessor systems) on separate processors (CPUs). A running program may have several threads active at the same time: one may be solving a mathematical equation, the other may be drawing a graph, and a third one dialing a number. The operating system decides which thread or process is visible to the user and which remains hidden.
2. Internet: Chain of questions and answers (or comments) on a particular topic posted by members of a special interest group or visitors to a website.
This arrangement allows a reader to follow the messages in the sequence or to jump to any particular one.

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I went on the forum and decided to make a new thread about how much I liked commenting and sharing my ideas there.
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There was a thread that was of the utmost importance as all the others would cease operations if this thread was not running properly.
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Sometimes you must be able to follow the thread of a chat transcript quickly to determine what is going on right away.
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