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1.General: Allowable departure from a specification or standard, considered non-harmful to the functioning of a part, process, or product over its life cycle.
2.Engineering: Ability of an item or system to withstand high levels of stress or overloading without suffering irreparable harm. See also safety factor.
3.Environmental: Permissible residue level for a pesticide in raw agricultural produce and processed food. All registered pesticides for use on a feed or food crop have their tolerance levels established by a regulatory agency such as the EPA.

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  • One of the most important principles a child can learn is tolerance, since this helps them be understanding, kind and considerate towards people who are different than them.

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  • Baseball has had a drug problem, with people taking substances that give them a competitive advantage, so the commissioner established a zero tolerance policy, those who fail the drug test get suspended.

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  • Individuals who do not have a high tolerance for pain might think that a simple bee sting is very painful as compared to someone with high pain tolerance who thinks a broken bone is very painful.

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