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1. Marketing: Emotional quality, feelings, or mood associated with using a particular product. One of the chief functions of an advertisement is to convey an appropriate tone to the product's targeted user.
2. Trading: Prevailing sentiment of the market. A positive or strong tone indicates rising prices, and a negative or weak tone indicates falling prices.

Use 'tone' in a Sentence

The teacher's tone of voice became more stern as the student continued to disobey the teacher's orders, soon after his voice was load enough for the other students to hear outside of the classroom.
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Despite the positive and optimistic tone of the memorandum detailing the company's finances, it was clear from the numbers that the business was losing money and on the brink of failure.
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With a strangely nasal tone of voice, the Amway salesman cajoled Rick to purchase his wares, and perhaps even sign up to sell them himself. Richard was not fooled by the man's offer, and was slightly put off by the man's tone of voice as well.
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