trade barrier

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A government imposed restriction on the free international exchange of goods or services.

Trade barriers are generally classified as

  1. import policies reflected in tariffs and other import charges, quotas, import licensing, customs practices,
  2. standards, testing, labeling, and various types of certification
  3. direct procurement by government,
  4. subsidies for local exporters,
  5. lack of copyright protection,
  6. restrictions on franchising, licensing, technology transfer,
  7. restrictions on foreign direct investment, etc.

Use 'trade barrier' in a Sentence

The trade barrier was lifted that day, so we could now trade freely with our new found company that was overseas.
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Sometimes there will be something in the way of a deal and you will have to work your way around that trade barrier.
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The trade barrier made the business deal no longer profitable for our firm so we had to source our goods from elsewhere.
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