tree diagram

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Graphic tool which systematically breaks down, and then maps out in increasing detail, all components or elements of a condition, phenomenon, process, or situation, at successive levels or stages. In case of a 'divergent tree,' it begins with a single entry that has one or more paths (branches) leading out from it, some or all of which subdivide into more branches. This process is repeated until all possibilities are exhausted. In case of a 'convergent tree,' this process works in reverse. Family (genealogical) and organization charts are the common examples of a tree diagram. Also called chain of causes or dendrite diagram.

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Thankfully, Geoff brought in a tree diagram which made everything easier to understand and made us all feel very relieved.
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If you want to make a presentation in a new way that you haven't used before you could try using a tree diagram.
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The students had difficultly understand the complex judicial system that existed in America there were too many possible scenarios and laws that existed and contradicted each other. So the law school professor decided to draw a tree diagram to explain the functions of the judicial system better.
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