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Whether you hire our investigator to do a simple surveillance case, or a full-blown background and workman's compensation case, he has a very quick turnaround time for results.
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With how bad the economy has been in recent years, our company has lost a lot of money, but, hopefully, a turnaround will come very soon, and we'll be able to stay in business.
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Profits had been low in previous quarters, but with the economical turnaround sales have skyrocketed and profits have greatly increased this last quarter.
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Characteristics of the Ideal Turnaround CEO
"[The ideal turnaround CEO] is a first-time CEO between the ages of 48 and 52. They have 25 to 30 years of experience, but have never had a #1 spot. They're seeking a challenge, have everything to prove and - while they've surely done well - probably haven't yet had the huge payday that they badly want."
- Lloyd Khaner

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