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The process of breaking apart something into smaller parts. One example would be taking a bundled computer system and unbundling it into its individual pieces such as the monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and then selling each of these items individually. Another example of unbundling is a service for which one final fee is charged to the consumer, such as a utility bill, but the company displays on the bill the different charges for each individual part of the total service, such as the resource itself, its distribution, and the state taxes.

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Unbundling a gasket kit is not allowed because if we take something out of the kit then sale the kit, we will end up making our costumers unhappy, because whoever buys the kit won't have everything they need to fix their machine.
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We had to do some unbundling and it would take a really long time and a lot of manpower as well.
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If you are unbundling the pine straw, by removing the cord, it will separate and no longer be condensed and tight.
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