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People who are at the bottom of a society having become victims of poverty trap. This class is largely composed of the young unemployed, long-unemployed, chronically-sick, disabled, old, or single-parent (usually the mother) families. It also includes those who are systematically excluded from participation in legitimate economic activities, such as cultural, ethnic, or religious minorities or illegal immigrants. Children of the underclass (specially those from single-parent families) often lack educational qualifications and social and other skills and are, therefore, unable to rise out of it.

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Growing up in a third world country John knew of nothing more than happiness enjoying life with his friends waking up to the warm sun hitting his delicate face and running having fun, it wasn't until he left his country and moved to the big state LA that he realized he was apart of the underclass.
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Sometimes you need to market your product to the underclass and hope that you can pick up some people from that market.
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Paul got out of the payday loan business because he believed its predatory lending tactics clearly victimized the underclass, worsening instead of improving their situation.
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