undue influence

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Mental, moral, or physical domination (even if natural or right) that deprives a person of independent judgment and substitutes another person's objectives in place of his or her own. Exercise of undue influence is characterized often by excessive insistence, superiority of physical power, mind, or will, or pressure applied due to authority, position, or relationship in relation to the strength of the person submitting to it. Consent obtained for a contract, relationship, or transaction is voidable if it can be shown that an unfair advantage has been taken of an involved party. In dealings between parent and child, husband and wife, attorney and client, or doctor and patient, undue influence is generally presumed to have been exercised unless proven otherwise.
See also coercion and duress.

Use 'undue influence' in a Sentence

Your product may take undue influence in the community and this could have either great or bad results for you.
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He was upset that he lost his undue influence over his friend because he really enjoyed the power it gave him.
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You may find that it is best to try and use undue influence when you are in a negotiation with certain people.
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