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Entity that has authority to use an application, equipment, facility, process, or system, or one who consumes or employs a good or service to obtain a benefit or to solve a problem, and who may or may not be the actual purchaser of the item.

Use 'user' in a Sentence

We had determined that the consistent error message was in fact to be caused by user error, this is what the IT guy told us.
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I was a new user of the product and wanted to consult with some people that had used it before and liked it.
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When a new user logs on to a computer for the first time, it is required that the user create settings for their unique profile.
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Understand Your Users
"You can envision the wealth created by a startup as a rectangle, where one side is the number of users and the other is how much you improve their lives. The second dimension is the one you have most control over. And indeed, the growth in the first will be driven by how well you do in the second. As in science, the hard part is not answering questions but asking them: the hard part is seeing something new that users lack. The better you understand them the better the odds of doing that. That's why so many successful startups make something the founders needed."
- Paul Graham

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