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1. General: Appraising or estimating the worth of something having economic or monetary value.
2. Insurance: Determination of the worth of the asset to be insured or that which has been damaged or lost.
3. International trade: Determination of the dutiable value of imports by the customs authorities. The GATT (now WTO) Customs Valuation Code obligates the signatory governments to use the transaction value (actual price paid by the importer to the exporter) as the principal basis for imposing duties. Where transaction value cannot be used, the secondary basis of value, such as transaction value of identical or similar merchandise, computed value, or deductive value may be used.
4. Securities: Placing a value on a stock based on the market value of the issuer's assets and the outlook for its earnings.
Valuation is usually expressed as a Price/Earnings ratio (P/E).

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Being able to accurately gauge the true valuation of a product will help you to know what price to set it at.
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Being able to accurately appraise an item and come up with its true valuation will go along way to you making the most off it.
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I did not know the price of the item, so I decided to have my friend, who worked in the pricing industry, to give it a valuation and tell me it's worth.
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