venture capitalist

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Private investors who provide venture capital to promising business ventures. They typically invest where at least 25 percent annual returns within one to five years are feasible, and often demand 50 percent or more ownership to exercise control over the investee firm to offset their high risk. Often they also provide management and industry expertise and business connections with other firms and venture capitalists. Their objective usually is to bring the business to its initial public offering (IPO) stage so that they can sell their shareholdings to the public at high profit, and get out. See also adventure capitalist and angel investor.

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If you come up with a good new idea but don't have the funds to get it started you can contact a venture capitalist.
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The startup company was small but they needed to grow quickly, so they went to a venture capitalist to try to get a enough money to get the business off the ground.
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If you want to get a start up going talk to a venture capitalist who may be able to get you the funds you need.
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