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Two way, real-time transmission of audio and video signals between specialized devices or computers at two or more locations via satellite (wireless) over a network such as a LAN or internet. Full motion (30 frames per second), full color videoconferencing requires a bandwidth of 6 megahertz (MHz) for analog signals and 1.54 megabits per second (Mbps) of digital signals. Videoconferencing protocols are governed by the ITU-TSS standard H.261 and its successors. Also called video teleconferencing.

Use 'video-conferencing' in a Sentence

We decided to connect and link up with our partners overseas using video-conferencing as we were able to openly discuss the project.
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We already spent enough time video-conferencing that day and it was time to start selling packages to customers, before they went away.
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It can be a good idea to use video-conferencing instead of travel to cut down on the costs for your company.
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