visual communication

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1. Real estate: the net worth of a property as perceived by the owner depending on its current use which may be greater or lower than its market value. For example, a full-fledged hospital located in a rural area may have a higher value-in-use, if the owner wants to sell it, than a hospital in a metropolitan city where there is a lot of competition in the same field.
2. The expression of ideas and information using visual forms or aids. Body language including gestures are part of such communication. Presentations may also included photographs, charts, graphs, and diagrams to enforce or demonstrate ideas or data.

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You should try and have good visual communication when you are doing an important business deal with a new client.
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There was a lot of visual communication in the film that would give you pieces of information without actually telling you what it was.
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You should know how to properly assess the visual communication and be able to proceed best with the data you have.
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