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Official shipping document that travels with a shipment, identifies its consignor, consignee, origin and destination, describes the goods, and shows their weight and freight. Prepared by the shipping company for its internal record and control, it is neither a contract of carriage nor a negotiable instrument. Common types of waybills include (1) Astray waybill, for shipment that was miscarried or got separated from its original waybill. (2) Blanket waybill, for covering two or more shipments with one document, and (3) Interline waybill, for covering handling of a shipment by two or more carriers.

Use 'waybill' in a Sentence

You must make sure to look at the waybill and see that what it says are actually the things that are getting shipped.
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The item could not ship because the waybill was not in the box with it, so we had to search for it and get it in there.
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The contents inside the leather briefcase consisted of a eating utensils, a pen, letter, clothing and they waybill for the shipment.
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