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1. Shipping: Gross weight (weight of cargo and its container), net weight or tare weight (weight of cargo only), or legal weight (weight established through a legally mandated method).
2. Statistics: Number assigned to a characteristic, factor, or quantity to signify its level of importance in comparison with other characteristics, factors, or quantities. In a retail price index, for example, the price of bread is assigned a higher weight (say '10') than SOAP (say '2') because of bread's greater importance to the consumers.

Use 'weight' in a Sentence

The weight of the shipping containers was too heavy for the vehicle to carry so some of the containers' content had to be removed.
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The manager asked employees to brainstorm ways to reduce the shipping weight so that they can save money on packaging materials and gas costs.
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When watching your weight, it's always important to measure the amount of calories you're consuming versus the amount of calories you're expending through exercise or other activities.
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