white elephant

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A business or investment that is unprofitable and is likely to remain unprofitable. In the case of a business, a business usually becomes known as a white elephant if it is unable to turn a profit because it is so expensive to operate and maintain. Very few people are interested in owning or purchasing something considered to be a white elephant. The term is derived from a traditional Asian practice of a monarch owning a white elephant; the elephant was considered sacred, but it was very costly and impractical to own.

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The truck parked on the side of the driveway was considered a white elephant, due to the fact that it was just impossible to diagnose and fix.
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Sometimes you just must admit that the path you are on leads to a white elephant and its time to start anew.
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They were making absolutely no money from their Ukrainian amusement park investment, so the Six Flags brass were anxious to unload the white elephant and repair the financial damage as soon as possible.
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