whole life insurance

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Life insurance policy that (1) normally covers an individual until his or her death, unless it lapses due to non-payment of premium or is cancelled, (2) builds up a cash value (called cash surrender value), (3) pays a fixed death benefit, and (4) where (unlike in a term life insurance) the premium amount remains constant despite the advancing age of the insured. The insured or policyholder may obtain a loan (called policy loan) against the accumulated cash value. Also called continuous premium whole life insurance, ordinary life insurance, permanent life insurance, or straight life insurance.

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My mother cashed out her whole life insurance policy prior to her death to retrieve the cash value and invest it instead.
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My husband took out a Whole Life Insurance Policy in 1997 when he had a cancer scare, because he wanted to make sure we would be able to be buried and hopefully leave something for our children.
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The benefit of whole life insurance can be a big one to prospective employees and may help you get the most qualified candidates.
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