wireless lan (WLAN)

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Local area network where some or all devices (servers, clients, printers, etc.) are interconnected via microwave radio signals (usual range 130 feet) or in-line infrared beams (usual range 80 feet) instead of cables or wires. Data transfer rate of WLAN is impeded by walls and electromagnetic interference (EMI) by other electrical and electronic devices. Technologies such as spread spectrum can extend the range to 800 feet and beyond, and may overcome the limitations imposed by EMI. See also Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

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You need to have a good wireless lan set up at your office so people can move around freely if they need to.
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I learned about the wireless lan and was really impressed with what I found out about it and what it could do.
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You should always try to have the best wireless lan you can so that your customers will want to spend time there.
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