zero sum game

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In decision theory, situation where one or more participants' gain (loss) equals the loss (gain) of other participants. Thus, a gain (loss) for one must result in a loss (gain) for one or more others. Also called constant sum game. See also negative sum game and positive sum game.

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Sometimes you must realize what you are going after is only a zero sum game and cut your losses while you can.
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I didn't like the zero sum game at all, because I hated seeing people lose in any aspect of life.
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If the project you are working on is a zero sum game just give up now before you are in to deep and can't.
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Business isn't a Zero Sum Game
"Business is not a zero sum game, because genuine value can be created. However, once the value has been created and it's time to divide it up between you and your customers and your vendors, it does shift to zero sum and it is important to capture as much of it as you can for yourself."
- Tom Murcko
One Perspective on Business's Success and Failures
"Business is not a zero sum game. For you to succeed, others don't need to fail. This is especially true of the internet. The most successful businesses aren't ones that grab market share away from their competitors, but rather ones that find entirely new ways to deliver value to users, and then to capture some (but not all) of that value."
- Tom Murcko

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